How Good Hygiene Can Cause Cancer...

Cancer’s sneaky, hiding places are finally exposed!

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Where is cancer hiding in
YOUR home?

“Brush your teeth… wash your hands… and don’t forget to use soap!”

These are just a few common sayings you’ve probably heard since childhood. That’s because good hygiene is important if you want to live a long… healthy… and happy life…

But there’s one BIG problem…

Most of today’s basic level hygiene products – like soaps… shampoos… sanitizers… and even toothpastes – are COMPLETELY contaminated with dangerous cancer-causing agents.

So, the time and effort put into keeping clean and smelling fresh every day – actually creates a direct path for cancer to develop in your future.

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Hidden cancer-causing agents inside your food… water… and even toothpaste! Find out how to rid these toxins from your daily diet.

11 hygiene hazards proven to increase your cancer risk – and even weaken brain health, too!

How to reinforce your immune system to battle cancer threats! Keeping these toxins out of your system is proven to dramatically BOOST immune power.

Little-known cancer threats infecting your home and work place environment – and how to safely remove of them!

And much more!

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About Ty & Charlene Bollinger

Ty and Charlene Bollinger are founders of The Truth About Cancer. After enduring the painful loss of both of Ty's parents and several relatives to cancer, they set out on a life-changing mission: Find real answers… bring hope… and defeat this disease once and for all.

In this hard-hitting, 9-episode docu-series, Ty travels the world interviewing over 100 doctors… researchers… leading cancer experts… and survivors to share their successful therapies, advanced treatments, breakthrough technologies… and simple lifestyle guides most traditional doctors will never talk about.

A Global Quest is their personal way to honor those they have personally lost – and spare millions of fathers… mothers… sons… and daughters from ever enduring the heavy loss of a loved one to cancer.

Their life’s mission is to share the biggest truth learned during this quest:

The vast majority of all diseases (including cancer) can be prevented – and even cured – without drugs or surgery.

Ty and Charlene are frequently guest speakers for seminars, health groups, expos, conferences and church functions. They make regular appearances on various radio shows and writes content articles based on their findings that are featured in popular magazines and websites.